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It is vital to use a property inventory company that you can trust when letting a property.  We offer a wide range of professional services for landlords and lettings agents including Inventory Reports, Tenancy Check In/Check Out Service, Photography and floorplans. We also offer exceptional property photography if you decide to put your house on the market.

Our inventory clerks are fully trained and reliable and fully understand the legal requirements of property inventories. We ensure that all of our inventory reports and services are reliable enough that should legal proceedings be required, you can rely on our records to help reduce the risk of financial loss due to inventory related disagreements with a tenant.

Simply contact Inventory Company now to obtain your property inventory quotation or for any of the services that we offer. Our friendly team is happy to discuss your needs with you should you require assistance.

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Please call: London: 020 3488 5429, High Wycombe: 01494 623 091

Inventory price List

Inventory Prices from

1 Bedroom£75.00£85.00£95.00£45.00
2 Bedrooms£95.00£105.00£115.00£45.00
3 Bedrooms£110.00£120.00£130.00£45.00
4 Bedrooms£130.00£135.00£145.00£45.00
5 Bedrooms£140.00£150.00£145.00£45.00
6 Bedrooms +P.O.AP.O.AP.O.A£45.00
Note: For Pool complexis, out buildings add £15.00 per room
1 Bedroom£105.00£115.00£135.00£45.00
2 Bedrooms£120.00£130.00£150.00£45.00
3 Bedrooms£135.00£140.00£170.00£45.00
4 Bedrooms£150.00£160.00£195.00£45.00
5 Bedrooms£165.00£185.00£230.00£45.00
6 Bedrooms +P.O.AP.O.AP.O.A£45.00
Note: For Pool complexis, out buddings add £15.00 per room
1 Bedroom£80.00£90.00£100.00£45.00
2 Bedrooms£90.00£100.00£110.00£45.00
3 Bedrooms£100.00£110.00£125.00£45.00
4 Bedrooms£110.00£130.00£150.00£45.00
5 Bedrooms£130.00£155.00£170.00£45.00
6 Bedrooms +P.O.AP.O.AP.O.A£45.00
Note: For Pool complexis, out buildings add £15.00 per room
1 Bedroom£85.00£90.00£100.00£45.00
2 Bedrooms£100.00£110.00£120.00£45.00
3 Bedrooms£115.00£125.00£135.00£45.00
4 Bedrooms£135.00£145.00£150.00£45.00
5 Bedrooms£145.00£160.00£175.00£45.00
6 Bedrooms +P.O.AP.O.AP.O.A£45.00
Note: For Pool complexis, out buildings add £15.00 per room

Additional Charges
We reserve the right to add additional costs if properties are excessively large or rooms are excessively overstocked with furniture or crockery/ utensils etc. If this is the case the Clerk will try all available means to contact the Instructing Principle whilst at the property to gain further instructions and confirmation before compiling the Inventory.

For Last minute cancelations, Missed or Aborted booking fee of £45.00 is charged.

There is Sunday and Bank Holiday surcharge of £50.00 per job.

For your Reference:

An inventory originally created by Inventory Company is automatically updated each time a check in takes places by Inventory Company.

Electronic copies of the latest revisions are held by Inventory Company.

Please note that for private landlords we will not release paperwork until payment et is received prior to job taking place.

Samples of the reports generated by Inventory Company

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