Inventory Clerk Oxford

Inventory Clerk Oxford

Professional Inventory Make Service Oxford

It is essential for any landlord or estate agent to ensure that, if they are offering lettings of any kind, to have an inventory report. A proper inventory report that is carried out prior to any tenant moving in can save you a lot of time and hassle if any disputes of damage to the property or items are brought up. Without a high quality, unbiased and professional inventory report, an informed decision cannot be made as to whether a tenant is liable for losses.

The process works by, prior to your tenant checking in, one of our experienced inventory clerks in Oxford will enter the property and compile an in-depth report on the entire inventory that is on site. This includes the condition of each item, the exterior and interior of the property as well as the garden and any other areas or furnishings you have within the property. You will then be given a copy of the inventory for yourself and your tenants to sign. This can then be repeated mid-term and upon check-out of the property to document any changes.

With 30 to 60 pages of detailed information and photographs, our inventory reports give you a full and concise breakdown of everything within the property and is something that you can rely on to be a reference against any claims of tenant liability. Our reports are a level of insurance that offer our clients peace of mind that their property is fully reported on and noted down on a legal document.

What Our Inventory Clerks Offer

  • Detailed Inventory Reports
  • Tenant Check and Check Out Service
  • Mid-Term Inspection Services
  • Last minute Invetory bookings

We offer last minute inventory bookings for landlords, lettings agents and companies. Our reports can be published within 24 hours. For Last minute bookings please call 01494 623 091 / 020 3488 5429 / 01865 507 263 URGENT ENQUIRIES 07469 452 741.

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