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Getting a professional inventory report is essential for any landlord or estate agent offering residential lettings. If a proper inventory is not completed prior to the start of a tenancy, a tenant can dispute claims of damage or missing items which can be costly for your business. Without a quality, unbiased and professional inventory, an informed decision cannot be made as to whether a tenant is liable for losses.

Prior to a tenant checking in, one of our experienced and professional inventory clerks will enter the property and compile a report to properly document the full property inventory and the condition of each item and the interior of the property. This can then be repeated mid-term and upon check-out of the property to document any changes.

Our Inventory Reports are clear and concise, with 30 to 60 pages of detailed information and photographs to give you a reliable reference document to use to decide whether there is any tenant liability and is called upon by the deposit schemes when there is a dispute.

What Our Inventory Clerks Offer

  • Detailed Inventory Reports
  • Tenant Check and Check Out Service
  • Mid-Term Inspection Services

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We offer last minute inventory bookings for landlords, lettings agents and companies. Our reports can be published within 24 hours. For Last minute bookings please call 01494 623 091 / 020 3488 5429 / 01865 507 263 URGENT ENQUIRIES 07469 452 741.

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